Conference Recordings

We are pleased to share audio-visual recordings of the panels and presentations at “Kronstadt as Revolutionary Utopia: 1921-2021 and Beyond.”

Recordings from Saturday, March 20

Historians’ Panel on the Kronstadt Uprising

“Disinformation and Counter-Revolution, 1921-2021”

“Last of the Mohicans”: The anarchist Tatyana Garaseva and the Kronstadt sailor Ivan Yermolaev by Jaroslav Leontiev (spoken comments in Russian; English translation by Elijah Baron available here. We invite you to read along!)

Interview with Jaroslav Leontiev about the Garaseva sisters, Ivan Yermolaev, Makhno, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn (interpreted live by Elijah Baron)

Recordings from Sunday, March 21

“The After-Lives of Kronstadt”

Discussion with filmmakers of Maggots and Men: Cary Cronenwett, Ilona Berger, Zeph Fishlyn, Alec Dunn

“Kronstadt 1921 and the Social Crises of 2021”

Closing Event: Words from Cosponsors and Endorsers

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